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It’s Personal Period believes in:

  • Equity: That equal access to safe menstrual products, education, and healthcare is a human right.

  • Intersectionality: That an intersectional approach is necessary when studying and collecting information regarding period poverty. 

  • Community: That advancing menstrual equity is a collective responsibility within the community. 

  • Safety: That all who menstruate have the right to access safe menstrual products and sanitary environments.

  • Health: That all who menstruate have the right to make informed choices and decisions about their personal menstrual health.

  • Dignity: That all who menstruate have the right to do so without shame and stigma.

  • Education: That all who menstruate have the right to informed menstrual education. 

  • Awareness:  That engaging the community in conversation about menstrual equity will normalize menstruation. 

  • Advocacy: That all social identities are represented. 

  • Accessibility: That menstrual products must be readily available in accessible locations. 

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